Thru-feed single outside diameter

Thru-Feed Grinding

Thru-feed centerless grinding is a fast and effective form of grinding when only a single outside diameter needs to be ground on a straight and cylindrical part.  The part rides along a work rest between a regulating and grinding wheel until it is carefully removed from the machine.  This is one of the most cost effective forms of grinding.  We have the ability to process anything from prototypes to large orders in very short lead times.  Our thru-feed grinders are capable of holding some of the industries tightest tolerances.

- Cincinnati Milacron Twin Grip Centerless Grinders.

- O.D. diameter tolerances to +/- 0.00004"
- Roundness to 0.000025"
- Straightness to 0.00003"
- Cylindricity to 0.00005"
- Surface Finish 4RA

Work Piece Capabilities
- Diameters from .090" to 5.25" and 20" long.

Lead Times:
- Expedited orders can be turned around in less than 8 hours.

Secondary Thru-Feed Services:
- At Express Grinding we also offer special buffing, polishing and wire brushing services allowing us to remove any size
sliver burr or grind flash.  Sharp edges can be removed creating a radius if desired, however sharp edges can be maintained while still removing any sliver burr or grind flash after grinding.  Our Ultra-sonic washing system gives us the ability to remove any contamination whether it's from grinding or any prior operation.

Preventative Maintenanace:
All pieces of equipment at Express Grinding have specific rigorous preventative maintenance programs in place to guarantee they are running at maximum efficiency, while ensuring a zero fall out rate. At Express Grinding we do not allow any room for error.  We believe that our quality can only be as good as the equipment used to grind and inspect our parts.  All of our equipment has either been purchased new or completely rebuilt and retrofitted with the most advanced technology.         

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