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Run-Out Measuring System

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Cylindricity Report

Run-Out Report


Quality Control

Equipment List
- Laser Z-Mike Model 1210 Gold Series
- (2) Fowler Sylvac Trimos D80 Horizontal Electronic Measuring Unit
- Esterline Federal Formascan 6100
- Mitutoyo RA-300 Roundtest
- Mitutoyo RA-1500 Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring System
- Taylor Hobson Surtronic R50 Roundness Measurement System
- Quadra Check-2000 Comparator
- Federal Pocket Surf
- Mitutoyo Surf Test SJ210 Surface Finish Profilometer

Inspection and Documentation Capabilities:
- Outside diameter measuring capability of +/- 0.000005"
- Computer generated print out's certifying roundness, run-out, cylindricity, concentricity and true position to 0.000001"    
- In Process SPC
- Gage R&R
- Gage Correlation Study
- Customer Qualification Plans
- Capability Study's

Quality Management System:
Our quality management system plays a vital role in every aspect of our operation.  From quoting, pre production planning, in-process control, final inspection through shipping, our system guarantees complete conformance to our customer's and industry requirements.

Our management system verifies that all incoming packages comply with the purchase order and blue print's provided.  During all processes at Express Grinding, critical grind features are randomly inspected and documented throughout the grind process.  At final inspection all documentation is recorded and filed accordingly, only then are order's released and cleared for shipping.  At Express Grinding our strict quality system ensures 100% conformance and total customer satisfaction. 

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